The TAME domain in Baltic and its neighbours. An introduction


This article outlines the aims, methodological approaches and research topics of the thematic volume Studies in the TAME Domain in Baltic and Its Neighbours. It also briefly characterises the individual contributions to the volume, highlighting
their main ideas and pointing out their relevance to ongoing discussions as well as the impulses they can give to further (also cross-linguistic) research. The grammatical domains explored in the volume are tense, aspect, mood and


perfect, present tense, future tense, narrativity, mood, complementation, mirativity, Lithuanian, Latvian, Baltic, Slavonic, Fennic

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Published : 2022-01-03

Holvoet, A. (2022). The TAME domain in Baltic and its neighbours. An introduction. Baltic Linguistics, 12(12), 7-19.

Axel Holvoet 
Vilnius University  Lithuania