[review of:] Daniel Petit. 2010. Untersuchungen zu den baltischen Sprachen


Daniel Petit, Untersuchungen zu den baltischen Sprachen. (Brill’s Studies in Indo-European Languages & Linguistics, 4.) Leiden–Boston: Brill 2010. ISBN: 978-90-04-17836-6.

This collection of studies by Daniel Petit originates from a series of lectures presented at the Indo-European summer school in Berlin in 2006. It consists of five chapters, which deal with dialectology (49 pp.), accentology (88 pp.), the neuter gender (65 pp.), the semi-thematic flexion (56 pp.), and the syntax of clitics (48 pp.), respectively. The introductory character of the first two chapters (the first chapter is actually called “Einführung in die Baltische Dialektologie”) is without doubt connected with the background of the book. On the whole, it is not an introduction to Baltology, however, nor is it intended to be, as the author explains in the preface.


Untersuchungen zu den baltischen Sprachen; Daniel Petit; review


Published : 2011-12-31

Derksen, R. (2011). [review of:] Daniel Petit. 2010. Untersuchungen zu den baltischen Sprachen. Baltic Linguistics, 2, 203-210. https://doi.org/10.32798/bl.433

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