[review of:] Nicole Nau & Norbert Ostrowski, eds. 2010. Particles and Connectives in Baltic


Nicole Nau & Norbert Ostrowski, eds. Particles and Connectives in Baltic. (Acta Salensia, 2.) Vilnius: Vilnius University & Asociacija “Academia Salensis”, 2010. ISBN: 978-609-95126-1-7.

Volume 2 of the Acta Salensia series contains six papers and an introduction and offers in-depth analyses of various particles and connectives in one or several Baltic languages. The contributions are written by experts in the field of Baltic linguistics, who have a sound knowledge of the literature and often cite older data which invite philological observations.

The volume is mainly descriptive in nature; that is, the research questions are most often not embedded in particular theoretical frameworks. Instead, the analyses build upon insights from several theories and are based on various kinds of empirical data. Thanks to the clear descriptions, non-Baltic linguists doing research on the particles and connectives of other languages will also benefit from this volume. Moreover, the chapters touch upon several phenomena dealt with in the general-linguistic literature such as clause combining, functional syntax, grammaticalization and semantic change, and can hence be a source of inspiration for refining the traditionally used categories.


Nicole Nau; Norbert Ostrowski; Particles and Connectives in Baltic; review


Published : 2011-12-31

Cornillie, B. (2011). [review of:] Nicole Nau & Norbert Ostrowski, eds. 2010. Particles and Connectives in Baltic. Baltic Linguistics, 2, 195-202. https://doi.org/10.32798/bl.432

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