On discontinuative action nominals in Lithuanian

Addendum et corrigendum to Arkadiev


Arkadiev, Peter. 2011. On the aspectual uses of the prefix -be in Lithuanian. Baltic Linguistics 2, 37-78.

In my paper (Arkadiev 2011, 57-58) dealing with aspectual uses of the Lithuanian 'external' prefix be- I say that action nominalizations cannot occur with be- in its continuative meaning. [...] However, this statement of mine has to be qualified in the light of the data from Lithuanian corpora.


aspect; prefix be-; Lithuanian; nominalization


Published : 2013-12-31

Arkadiev, P. (2013). On discontinuative action nominals in Lithuanian. Baltic Linguistics, 4, 215-218. https://doi.org/10.32798/bl.414

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