Mnimuria wyspy Skiatos. Cmentarz w opowiadaniach Aleksandrosa Papadiamandisa


Mnimouria – a modest country cemetery plays an important role in the novels by Alexandros Papadiamantis. While the pretentious offi cial First Cemetery of Athens displays the wealth of the nouveaux riches who strive to imitate in an artifi cial and exaggerated manner various forms of tombs of the ancient Greek Kerameikos in an attempt to prove their ancient ancestry, Papadiamantis in his picture of Skiathos little koimeterion manages to place it both in the order of nature and in the world of culture. He shows us, sometimes not without a mild irony, how the old pagan beliefs and superstitions such as: evil-eye, curses, ghosts and apparitions still coexist harmoniously with sincere Christian faith of his simple compatriots in an island where one could hear the pipe of a young shepherd, who could have been perhaps a satyr, or glimpse a strange shape, possibly of a Nymph or a Naiad (neraida).

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cmentarz; Ateny; Skiatos; literatura grecka; Aleksandros Papadiamandis


Opublikowane : 2019-10-16

Borowska, M. (2019). Mnimuria wyspy Skiatos. Cmentarz w opowiadaniach Aleksandrosa Papadiamandisa. Prace Filologiczne. Literaturoznawstwo, (2(5), 283-297. Pobrano z

Małgorzata Borowska 
Uniwersytet Warszawski  Polska

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